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Analysis Of characters

Kino: Kino is an Indian Mexican. He is a fisherman and pearler. He loves music and he imagines different musics in his brain with each event. Kino young and strong man. He has got black hair and brown skin. He has got an old canoes from his grandfather’s. He can catch some foods and he can find pearls to sell and to earn money. He could stay down over two minutes in the sea. He works carefully to find for his son’s doctor’s money . He wants to safe his son's future. He imagines his school and he wants to his son will read. He wants to have new clothes and new shoes for his wife and himselves. Buying a new black hat and a gun to protect themselves from enemies and he wants a new fishing equipment. He wants to sell his beatiful and big pearl but he couldn’t do it. He belives in his pearl very expensive and he went to other places to sell it. However in his journey he wars some thieves and he kills someone. But he didn’t regret. His son died for his stubborness by trackers and his dreams and believes couldn’t became a reality. He never went far from home so he was afraid of strange places. He was afraid of the capitals and strange miles but his old world was gone he is a brave man now. He killed four man..
Juana: juana is Kino’s wife and she is a mother. juana makes the corn cakes generally . She is a good houswife. Juana was a quiet, patient woman who didn’t cry with pain of childbirth. When she was tired and hungry, she said nothing. Juana wants to a doctor for his son’s scorpion bite . Juana worry about their lives but she supported his husband . She sang a song to Coyotito her voice was brave to his husband but she believes this pearl is evil. She wants to destroy it she can’t throw it because of Kino’s defence and she said let’s break it between two stones but Kino believes it his luck and this pear is their last chance. Kino hit her in the face and she felt in the rocks but she wasn’t afraid his husband she wasn’t angry with Kino. When Kino said ‘’ I’m a man ’’ it meant that he was half crazy and half god. Kino could fight a montain but Juana thing that fight made him a man. Juana needed a man. She couldn’t live without a man. He walks with her man. She wants to continue always with Kino but she was right this pearl is an evil and his son was died reason for it. They throw pearl to sea together at the end of the story.
Coyotito: Coyotito is Kino’s and Juana’s little son. He was bitten by a scorpion and he was ill. There is a doctor for him but he goes only rich peoples houses so the doctor came to Coyotito’s near when Kino find an expensive pearl but he is stil ill.He hadn’t got a good future except dreams.He couldn’t go a school he couldn’t have the United States’ hat, he couldn’t wear good clothes because of dad’s mistake. He was died an accident shot with gun it was only in the caos..


Juan Tomas: Juan Tomas is Kino’s brother. He gives some advices to Kino. He protects his brother in the fire because Kino was a murder he was hiden in Juan’s house. Juan has four children . He said always to his brother ‘Go with God ‘..it was sounded very cold.There is a strange distance between them.

Apolonia: She is Juan’s wife. She’s fat she worries about his family in the fire. She was the nearist relative. She cried very loudly for the dead of the family .

The Priest: He is an old man and he has got gray hair. With an old skin and a bright young eyes. He said ‘’ you found a great pearl. I hope you will remember thank God for this gift.’’ and Kino thinks his son will know what things are in the their boks. Coyotito will be a great man like this priest.

Doctor: He is never goes to Kino’s area an old little houses. He spends all his time with the rich people in their large stone houses. The doctor was not one of his people. He didn’t have an Indian blood. He was a fat and lazy doctor. He doesn’t usually help a poor man’s baby with a scorpion bite his refused it before but then when he heard the pearl he came to the Kino’s house and give some medicine to baby but he is only love with Money. ( Possibly , he is the first thief in the darkness.)

The Buyers: There are three buyers in the town but they aren’t buy it. They said this is unusual size. It’s very big like a toy. It’s very soft and it will lost, its color and die a few months. They offered to give 1.000 pesos and 500 pesos but Kino didn’t believe this prices. He wants to go capitals. When their home was attacked he believed that the buyers were responsible for it.
There are three man. They fallowed Kino and Juana out of La Paz. Kino saw two on foot and one on horseback. One man carried a gun. They wore dark shoes and dirty white pants..He was killed by Kino but their guns shot the baby Coyotito.

Scorpion: It ‘s like an enemy and life dangers. They can come very silently and give poison to our bloods. Some times we can’t blocked it dangers like that.
Song of Family: It’s a symbol for hope and family live with together and beatiful days’ dreams
Song of Evil: It’s a presentiment for dangers . If kino songs it somewhere, there ‘ll be a war with a danger.
Kino's Canoe: Canoe is only one thing what they have.There is a big hole in it but it is helper to find a great pearl.


This place is in Mexico. Kino Juana and their neighbour are Indian Mexicans. Their people have always lived in Mexico but about 400 years ago, people from spain came to Mexico. They used guns to take Mexico away from the Indian people. They wanted the Indian people to speak Spanish and to act like Spainards. The Indians felt unwelcome in their own country. The Indian mexicans were poorer than the Spanish Mexicans like Kino, they had no Money to go to school and they had to work at difficult , dirty jobs in this place. The doctor’s place is Stone town. A town of high walls and beautiful flowers in the garden. And the other place in the book.. La Paz and the mountains’ rocks and a cave which they’ve hiden..

Personal Critisize

This story started like our ‘Kaşıkçı Elması’ story. There are some poor people and they find something and their life will be change. But it didn’t have a good ending. And real poor american live isn’t an American real dream we can see that easly in this book. Racism is very clear in the book. There are double standards in the different races’ lives. There is a big drama in the story. There is extreme poverty. We can’t have endless happiness with money. There are rich peoples in the real life but they are ill and their money can’t be enough for healthy or happy life to them. We must be content with little. But this is humanity live it’s always wants to have more and more . We can’t protect always our loves , there is a different destiny than our choosing .

And personal idea ; I don’t like this book I’m very sorry about that. There are some reasons of course. First, I read John Steinbacks’ the other book ‘Of Mice And Man’ in the past. I bored again and the book’s ending was bad like that .He wrote very depressive his books isn’t for mine. I know farms live very much I lived there, but I don’t like reading it. Poor lives, hard lives, country lives and mexican dirty clothes or their guns. It can be tiring. Yes , I learnt that from this book; I like reading English history may be kings and palaces and ball dances and I don’t like reading Mexicans Americans and Indians history. I must win English Culture and Literature not American and last reason maybe I wrote it on the last day from our important exam it was very stressfull. I must read it again in the relax times may be.

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