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‘’Being betrayed is beyond women’s power.’’

When a woman is betrayed by her husband, people say that : ‘’woman is guilty as much as man. She couldn’t keep him on a tight leash’’ is it true? And is treachery destined or can we change it? I think, being betrayed is women’s destiny. It can be secretly or openly ; but everytime it will be with us one way or another. We can have arguments about endless reasons but I think there are three main reasons for betrayal.
First reason biological. It’s the difference between our characters or biological differences. Scientific experts have research on gender differences For example; while women can lose their prolificacy in very early ages, men haven’t got a restriction about it throughout their lives. The other biological problem is, the men have a lot of sperms in their bodies but women have only one sperm in their bodies. It means that, hormonal differences effect our emotions. So, if a man were a weak person , he could be an loser easily.
Second reason is the sociological approach . Turkey is a patriarchal country. If a man wants to do something, it’s sure that he can do, because he is a man. But if a woman does it, she can’t do it. She can be called by community with immoral adjectives. If our society supports these ideas, our betrayals percentage will be increased. The men won’t be ashamed from their life – styles and betaryal will be normal thing in their and the public ’ s eye. In this sense, society support has to be balanced to couples.
The last reason is psychological. A psychological problem sometimes depends on self-confidence. The man are created unsatisfied because they want to own all the things in this world. If a man ’s life is changed, our life can change too with his life’s influence. If their life standarts change, they can want to change his wife, too. For example; If a man goes abroad, he can feel free; if a man has a promotion in his job or has on new career, he can think to have the best woman too. If he wins lottery, he can betray easily because he feels more powerful. Sometimes you can ask to him : ‘’Who am I for you ? ’’ It isn’t neccessary question in relationships. Their new choice can be more beautiful than you, maybe she is younger than you or she is more stupid than you. But differences aren’t important because the only difference is one between you; she is only newer than you. So, betraying someone secretly and other people and new things give them excitement. They are created like a child and they don’t realize their ethical behaviors. They only care about their sudden passion. So, if we look at the media; they are stars, they are famous, they are the best winners, they are the most beautifuls and clevers and luckiests maybe but they are the most betrayed ones. They aren’t upset like us, because this liar life is their life style. So, it can’t change their being with another perfect person on their red carpet. Also, especially famous and powerful women are more betrayed than others because clever woman say true world’s reals to his face easily , but men prefer to have although lie words a good flatterer only theirselves. Woman can being betrayed all under the conditional. For instance; an old singer who is Seçil said that in a newspaper : ‘’ I was betrayed when I was in the hospital. I was ill from my brain. I lost my memory. When my doctor gived my to die news , he was betraying me in my home.’’ The other path is Şenay Akay. She was waiting her new baby but she was betrayed. So , time or place ; they don’t matter for man’s batrayal..
Finally, we can’t change our destiny. If our man has a new partner we must accept it fastly and only. And we mustn’t forgive him because experts say that ‘’ if you forgive a man, it gives him a new chance for second treachery ’’ You mustn’t give him a second chance because he won’t change. Our some marginal women betrays their men,too. But loyal and honest women are upset about their destiny. However, there is a famous word about my topic. And it makes me feel better to say it again and again at these times : ’’ The cheater is been duped (by himself). ’’

Elif Tiryaki

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And yeah women are betraying as much as men nowadays if not more.

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