18 Aralık 2010 Cumartesi

reality show

I'm really good at shopping.Perhaps everybody good at about this action.The important point is 'money'(perhaps).But I thing the most important thing is (discrimination)I ask to narrow-minded people (like İsmail Y.K.); ''Why is yout style like that imitente others.I like different things and colours.I don't like same mode and fashion.I search everything in everywhere.And I can find cheaper and qualified things.I like shopping and people know it.They ask me some questions about shops and shopping.''Elif, you know where I can find that kind of clothes?'And this is the significant point.''Elif you have got shoes collection so maybe you have got gold yellow shoes,too.Could you give me yours for our celebration day,only one night.'Oo!' It's a big trouble saying no!' but I'm sorry,I must say 'No' because I don't like if a person wants to wear my clothes.
And second thing is.I'm good at music enstrumant.When I was in the high school,I was going to play the guitar course.But guitar is not my dreams's enstrumant.Because it's easy.Now I have a violin and I study my lessons seriously.It's my second year and I like violin.I'm fun of Paganini's.Perhaps four or five years later,I can play his caprices concertos.
And the last,I'm good at holding on my life.This life is not small Emrah's series.I know someone is luckier than the other.(perhaps) I'm not a lucky person.It doesn't matter what kind of things I'm doing but I konw that.I'm good at being strickt person
And finally if I must say'What am I bad at?' I'm bad at adapting my lessons in this comlicated life.And I'm bad at praising myself.
I'm good at explaning my faults and ''what am I bad at?' this is the most important.The other thing about 'What am I good at' I think it doesn't matter.

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