18 Aralık 2010 Cumartesi


Hello My Darling.

How are you?I'm very fine and I'm upsad because you absent here.Wish you were here.I'm writing this letter from my dream's place.Guess where am I? I'm excited for telling about my holiday.OK.I'm saying: the Republic of Maldives

I explain Maldives to you; the Republic of Maldives in the Indian Ocean.There are 1.200 islands in here.But only in 200 islands; people live.1000 islands are still empty.Maldives relidion is %100 muslim.Maldives's culture is like Araps.110 islands are'hotel island'.There are two tips of Resort in here.Beach Bungalow and water Bungalow.It's raining.sometimes the waither is rainy but rain is very soft in here.Sand's colour is white.And I see floor in the sea.Sea's colour is turquoise.

I wake up early in here but I'm not tired.I'm very energetic in here because this natural life makes me healthy.I'm very possitive in here.I have my break fast in the sea.Then I run by the sea-sides.I visit other islands.And I must come to my hotelisland again in the evenings.This is a wonderful place for relaxing.Because in a lot of resorts,we can see this sign ''no news- no shoes''This is the best message because I must forget everything in the world every world's troubles.Than I feel peace of mind.

So my darling, you must come here early.Because Maldives going under the sea for reason of spherical warming up.You must see this paradise islands quickly but you mustn't afraid of special aeroplane aeroplane.And you must be eaten your highness phobia.Because you must come to this island in it.

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