18 Aralık 2010 Cumartesi

writing new things

Perhaps this homework is very easy for you and for the others.We can be forced.And we think that 'Why are we writing composition every week?
First reason,we are studying at the depertmant of language.We'll be a translator.We must have fluent English.We must read mostly but firstly we must write.But why must students write?
We learn some new volabulary every week and these words can be forgotten easily.We must practice these new words every week thus we can remember easily.Our brain can be wide with some vocabulary exercizes.
And secondly if we want to speak and write,we must see our falses in the paper.It gives us fresh memory with this technic.Because a person who realize his faults,doesn't forget.if an a woman dye on the tv,we don't care about this but one woman is killed in front of our eyes.We don't forget it easily.
Then finally I think we must think all the time about all events in our life.It's good altarnative for writing composition that gives us live things.
So we must think,we must write and we must develope,we must talk and we must study.We must live with this compositions.Our homework can be boring but it's necessary to know it and we study for them.

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